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Harvard & Straus Trained


California Certified
Cal Bar Licensed


Cal Bar #045847
Former FINRA & CDRE Licensed


40 + years of Experience

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Mediation & Arbitration

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***Now Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino & Ventura Counties

Specializing in Business Law

A Mediator and Arbitrator with Riverside Superior Court and Mediation Center of Los Angeles, Bennett Root, Esq. brings over 40 years of dispute resolution experience. He is certified to practice under California Dispute Resolution Programs Act for all California courts.


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why lets settle nw

Why Lets Settle Now?

Finding the right person for your mediation or arbitration needs can feel overwhelming. Ben Root has over forty years of legal experience and has managed and settled hundreds of disputes. Some were court cases. Some were arbitrations. Some were private mediated settlements. Some were resolved quietly and quickly with a phone call or two and a brief follow up. But all of these disputes had one thing in common; they needed expert management to bring them to a successful conclusion. We were able to settle their dispute so they could get on with their lives--get on with the business at hand. That is what we do here--get things settled so people can move forward.

Why Mediation/Arbitration?

Did you know that about 95% of cases get settled before going to trial?  Why pay an exorbitant amount of money and spend years in court when you can get to a conclusion you can control with mediation/arbitration at a fraction of the cost?

Courts are still not managing cases normally because of Covid-19. Cases are being delayed. Mediation is one rapid settlement process that helps  people settle their dispute confidentially, on their terms, and gets it settled PDQ.

Often we can wrap up settlements in weeks or months -  not years like going to court. 



Mediation/Arbitration is much cheaper than going to court



Court cases can take years to settle. Mediation/Arbitration typically takes weeks or months to settle.



Long drawn out court cases can be stressful not only on your wallet but on your mind 



Most mediation/arbitrations come to a similar, if not better, conclusion as court cases in just a fraction of that time

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Owner and Lawyer of Let's Settle Now

During his 40+ year career as an advocate, a negotiator, and a counsellor at law, Ben has refined the skills and special techniques that make him a master at resolution of disputes—business and commercial disputes, labor and employment disputes, personal, public interest, and community disputes. He is trained, certified, experienced, and highly skilled.

​Ben’s experience in dispute resolution is deep and broad. Disputes have involved rights of businesses, especially contract and intellectual property rights, and rights of individuals including civil rights, employment rights, rights in a martial estate, personal rights, and so on.  In addition to a range of litigation matters, Ben has handled numerous arbitrations, mediations and negotiated settlements. Ben has worked with employers and unions on both industry wide and local collective bargaining agreements, including redesigning of work structures to protect American workers and their jobs.

As a senior partner at a very large, international law firm, Ben tackled major disputes in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC. After his first retirement, he founded a small firm to represent individuals, entrepreneurs, and start-up businesses in Southern California. He has developed and overseen implementation of dispute resolution processes for employers who wanted to maintain a positive work environment for their employees. In addition to his work as an attorney, Ben has served as a corporate CEO, as a Chief Legal Officer, and as a member of a business development and patent development teams. He has served on Boards of Directors for private and charitable organizations, including on the Board of Visitors for the Humanities Institute of the University of Michigan, and as a member of various Executive Committees for Bar and community organizations. Ben was recently appointed as Commissioner on the Los Angeles County’s Mental Health Commission where he serves as Second Vice President.  Ben also serves as Commissioner of Los Angeles County’s Drug and Alcohol Commission where he is a part Chair.  Ben is currently licensed by the California Bar Association (License No. 045847) and has also been licensed as California Real Estate and Business Broker (License No. 01712779) and as a FINRA private placement securities offering representative (License No. 6833551).

​Ben was educated at the Harvard Law School and University of Michigan (Economics), graduating with honors from both programs. He has done post graduate programs at Oxford University (International Labour Law (Merton College), Anglo-Saxon History (Worchester College)) and the University of Phoenix (Marketing). He is currently enrolled in the Master of Laws LLM program at Pepperdine’s Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution.

 Ben is a husband, father, and participant in the life of the community. He is an avid photographer and a travel writer. Ben lives in the Los Angeles metro area and travels extensively for business and pleasure.


Glenn Turner

Ben’s knowledge of the law is unparallel.  He uses this knowledge in the most genial manner to convince others to resolve differences.  He works hard to build a consensus and arrive at a solution.  Ben is always honest and ethical.  Truly, Ben is a problem solver and a hard worker in the nicest possible way.


Glenn De Soto, LLC

Ben has advised, and delivered on everything that I have had a business need for.  He is a man of integrity and is always looking out for your best interests. I strongly recommend Ben and his team for your business needs.


Nick Silk, CEO

He has represented Advance Paper Box Company for many, many years. He has lead us through many negotiations—some very difficult, and has counselled us regarding innumerable grievances and demands for arbitration.


Mark Ravis, M.D., J.D.

Ben Root is the best mediator you will find.  He is every bit a scholar and gentleman with decades of complex litigation experience.  He will ensure that all parties are comfortable and at ease.  All parties will be fully heard and receive candid evaluations of their case.  Any settlement will be fair.  As a litigator for 33 years, I give Ben the highest possible rating and recommend him without qualification.

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Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura county

Tel:  626-389-5001 


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